Medical ATMs Let People Easily Buy Health Insurance In India

Medical ATMs Let People Easily Buy Health Insurance In India

Max Bupa Health Insurance is marketing its health insurance to consumers with special machines that connect customers to the right plans

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 4 december 2017

Health insurance can be difficult to understand and even harder to use, depending on your level of plan. Indian insurance company Max Bupa Health Insurance (MBHI) is looking to help people get the help they need with special health insurance ATMs—called ‘AnyTimeHealth’ machines, or ATHs—located in various partner banks. The machine allows people to buy an insurance policy by entering their mobile phone number, and then entering their biometrics into the machine.

The machine will measure height, weight, blood oxygen, blood pressure and temperature in order to calculate factors like bone density, body mass index, muscle mass and other important health information. From there, the data is used to create a score. Ashish Mehrotra, MD & CEO of MBHI, tells The Times of India, “The machine will then offer the right kind of products which are more suitable to you. If you choose to buy, the decisioning engine will take a call and push the policy immediately.”

Max Bupa Health Insurance

Lead Image: Jesse Orrico | Unsplash

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