More Than Millennials, Gen Z Looks To Mobile And Changing The World

More Than Millennials, Gen Z Looks To Mobile And Changing The World

Research from PSFK's Forecast Z report compares the values and attitudes of Generation Z to those of their Millennial predecessors

  • 25 december 2017

They were the first generation to grow up digital. Sure, Gen Z share some attitudes with their very familiar predecessors, Millennials, but they are all about forging their own path—rejecting labels, remixing ideas and aspiring to a greater sense of purpose. Understanding where Gen Z differs from those that came before them is key in approaching this next class of consumers.

Members of Gen Z place a high importance on personal identity and purpose and will not tolerate being treated as ‘Millennial-lite.’ They expect brands to recognize and engage around their unique traits. To understand this shifting mindset, PSFK Labs conducted a survey comparing the attitudes and values of Gen Z to those of Millennials for our new Forecast Z report.

Our research showed that both Millennials and Gen Z are passionate and open-minded, but Gen Z has more confidence in its ability to affect change. Nearly half of Gen Z (46%) feel that they can definitely contribute to changing the world—a 6% increase from Millennials. Like Millennials, Gen Z believes that brands should help them achieve personal goals and aspirations. However, Gen Z is 10 times more concerned than Millennials that brands provide educational platforms and content beyond the product or service.

Millennials ushered in a new wave of demand for health and wellness, and now Gen Z is picking up the mantle on its own terms. Nine in 10 members of Gen Z say they use health and lifestyle habits to help control their mental attitude. Unlike older generations, Gen Z is proactive in terms of mental health and willing to take personalized initiatives to positively shape their own mindsets.

Paying attention to how Gen Z consumes content points to the decline of desktop and rise of mobile. Outside of class or work, just 14% of Gen Z go online primarily using a computer or laptop, compared to 29% of Millennials. Their increased reliance on phones and tablets for online access demonstrates a desire to be connected, but to do so in the context of their real lives.

PSFK’s Forecast Z decodes the shifting priorities, values and behaviors of Generation Z. Members can download the report today, or click here to learn more about the benefits of PSFK membership. 

Lead Image: Omar Lopez | Unsplash

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