Moleskine’s Connected Pen Transfers Notes From Page To Screen

Moleskine’s Connected Pen Transfers Notes From Page To Screen
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Write in a smart Moleskine notebook or planner and see your notes appear on your device

Leo Lutero
  • 5 december 2017

Moleskine has created a pen and notebook combo that brings manual note-taking to the digital age. The Moleskin Pen+ has a camera that points to the tip of the pen, allowing it to capture what is being written and beam it over to the phone. Users will instantly see their notes or doodles appear on the Moleskin Notes App.

While the technology isn’t entirely new (PSFK featured Livescribe in 2014), working with the Italian luxury stationery brand can give it renewed appeal for professionals and aficionados who don’t settle for lesser paper or notebooks. At a price of $199 for a kit from the Moleskine website (including the Moleskine Pen+ and the Paper Tablet notebook), it’s a premium setup.

Recently, Moleskine expanded the line to include a Smart Planner that syncs with digital calendars and notes based on what you write in it. Except for the Paper Tablet notebook and Smart Planner, which have special grids, other Moleskine products will not work with the Pen+.

Moleskine Smart Writing

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