Shine has expanded its motivational text messaging service with a new app, serving self-care tips with a healthy dose of reality

There’s no shortage of motivational quotes around the gentler corners of the internet, but Shine’s daily messaging service has won a legion of devoted millennial fans by serving them up alongside GIFs of Beyoncé. The goal is to lend an air of accessibility to wellness, which, despite being a booming field, still tends to conjure images of impeccably groomed people meditating on pristine mountaintops.

Last week, Shine—which has until now been accessible via SMS, Facebook Messenger and Kik—released its own app, expanding its daily text affirmations and tips to a full platform with browsable content. Monthly and annual subscriptions grant access to an interactive audio library. Users can choose to listen passively or respond to intermittent prompts as you would to a real-life therapist, with topics ranging from self-care for online dating and ‘Tinder fatigue’ to what to do about a toxic friendship.

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