Nike Has Launched Its Sports Hijab For Muslim Female Athletes

Nike Has Launched Its Sports Hijab For Muslim Female Athletes
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The brand designed the product with input from professional athletes like U.S. Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad

Jiwon Kim
  • 7 december 2017

Earlier this year, Nike announced that it would create the first-ever hijab designed for activewear, an innovative move to create a more inclusive environment in sports for Muslim women. After months of trials by professional and everyday athletes around the world, the product went on sale on December 1.

To design the Nike Pro Hijab, the brand gathered input from athletes including U.S. Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad, weightlifter Amna Al Haddad and figure skater Zahra Lari. These women had always had to wear regular hijabs that were not the best for carrying sweat and also could result in the obstruction of hearing—all things that can hinder performance.

Beyond being useful, the hijab is furthering important conversations. “It inspires me to reach greater heights and to run farther distances, and I believe it’s going to inspire girls worldwide to follow their passion for sport,” Manal Rostom, who ran this year’s New York Marathon in the Nike Pro Hijab, said in a press release.

Nike Pro Hijab

+Ibtihaj Muhammad

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