PSFK Launches The Forecast Z Report

PSFK Launches The Forecast Z Report

Forecast Z decodes the shifting priorities, values and behaviors of Generation Z

  • 14 december 2017

Welcome to the Gen Z reality—a new wave of influence that’s transforming society and business practices, approaches and mindsets.  A must-have manual for brands to understand and engage with the next class of consumers, Our latest report Forecast Z decodes the shifting priorities, values and behaviors of Generation Z—a group defined by their ability to navigate fluidly between identities, communities, industries and the physical-digital divide. Download now!

Gen Z are purpose-driven, independent innovators, designing new methods, growing ideas and developing products. Their minds are set on change, upheaval, transformation and breakthrough—whether it’s norms, expectations, standards, definitions and beyond. To them, relevance does not equal ‘likes’; instead, they value the new and unique. While they aspire to live a beautiful and luxurious life, despite knowing they’ll have to work hard to attain it. To them, the challenge is fun—just a video game.

Gen Z grew up traversing across virtual worlds on planetary sites like Webkinz, tending to their digital gardens and working long hours playing games to earn KinzCash. The grandchildren of Second Lifers and the second generation to the original Sims, Gen Z is accustomed to easily accessible information and convenient mobility, living in fearless comfort in the open realm of Web 2.0. Digitally-born and turned ON in the pivotal time of the Connected Age, these kids are eager and passionate to solve, overcome and make positive change happen. Gen Z are both creators and born players in the game of Life.

Collaboration-oriented, members of Gen Z want to work together with peers and brands to create things—whether products or positive impact—to satisfy their purpose. Gen Z are resetting the rules of the game and redesigning expectations for the binary norms of society. Confident and judgement-free, Gen Z wants to mobilize a collaborative community inspired to do good.

To engage with Gen Z, brands must break away from binary norms, shift their identities and adapt to a new way of thinking, catering to real humans and their needs. By leveling their platforms, companies can welcome this new wave of consumers wholeheartedly to gain their trust. They must learn to collaborate with them, along with listening to and supporting their ideas.

PSFK’s Forecast Z decodes the shifting priorities, values and behaviors of Generation Z.  Members can download the report today, or click here to learn more about the benefits of PSFK membership. 


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