Real Fruits Are Styled As Emojis In These Playful Photos

Real Fruits Are Styled As Emojis In These Playful Photos

Photographer Matthieu Lavanchy makes real life imitate the world’s favorite emojis

Leo Lutero
  • 6 december 2017

The Gourmanda semiannual food and culture magazine, asked still life and product photographer Matthieu Lavanchy to style real food as food emojis. His impeccable fruits, vegetables and other groceries were the featured models on the cover of the magazine’s 10th issue.

The concept is simple and the execution is perfect. A single ’emoji’ stands center stage against a solid background, with one emoji per shot. This minimalism required a level of perfection to get right. A faultless aubergine represents a favorite (and suggestive) emoji. A cup of coffee in an immaculate cup and saucer set is complete with billowing steam. An expertly-cut wedge of cheese brightens up a black background. Of course, they also immortalized the juiciest-looking peach.

The issue is available to purchase here.

Matthieu Lavanchy

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