Starbucks’ Latest Store Gives Guests An AR Tour Of Coffee Production

Starbucks’ Latest Store Gives Guests An AR Tour Of Coffee Production

The new Shanghai Starbucks store will feature various points where customers can learn about the coffee company's brewing process through AR

Zack Palm
  • 7 december 2017

Ever wonder how your coffee gets made? Check out the new Starbucks store in Shanghai that features various points where customers can learn about how the coffee company makes their brew using augmented reality.

Customers who visit the roastery can take out their smartphones and find points of interest scattered throughout the store. These points of interest then trigger an augmented reality experience. This new store location takes up 2,700 square meters of space, making it the largest Starbucks location to date, beating the company’s flagship store located in Seattle.

The location opened its doors on December 6. The augmented reality points in the establishment remain exclusive to the Shanghai store.


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