You Can Touch A Hologram On This Interactive Display

You Can Touch A Hologram On This Interactive Display
Augmented & Virtual Reality

The HoloPlayer One allows users to create and manipulate 3D digital images without wearing headgear

Zack Palm
  • 8 december 2017

The digital and physical worlds continue to move closer together thanks to VR, AR and, now, tabletop holograms. Technology company Looking Glass has developed a device that lets a user interact with a floating 3D graphic. The HoloPlayer One looks like a tablet with a second screen; at an angle, it creates a 3D lightfield display of the digital image, giving it a holographic appearance.

Users can create their own digital images on the HoloPlayer using their hands and then edit them as they see fit. Geared toward designers and animators, the device allows people to develop and view their work in 3D without wearing VR or AR headgear.

The HoloPlayer One is available to pre-order from Looking Glass for $750.

HoloPlayer One

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