4 Entertainment Ideas Engaging Fans Far From The Screen

4 Entertainment Ideas Engaging Fans Far From The Screen

PSFK rounds up a few of the newest products and innovative advertising from the entertainment industry this month

Mario Valdivieso
  • 24 january 2018

The entertainment industry is great at finding new and creative ways to connect with audiences away from the screen—whether it’s through clothing lines or elaborate themed hotel rooms. PSFK rounded up some of our favorite recent examples of activations exploring new ground to grab people’s attention.

Netflix Uses CES To Promote A New Sci-Fi Show

Altered Carbon, the new science fiction series from Netflix, is set in a future wold where technology allows humans to transfer their minds from body to body. In the spirit of the concept, Netflix created a booth at this year’s CES for Psychasec, the fictional company from the show. The Psychasec booth displayed life-like “lab-grown bodies.” Attendants wore white uniforms like the characters, and from afar it was easy to mistake the setup for a real company. Altered Carbon shared photos of the elaborate display on social media to encourage people to tune into the show when it begins streaming next month.

AI Startup Wants to Create Celebrity Avatars

Digital versions of live human beings might also sound like sci-fi, but this is what an AI startup wants to create for real. Nikhil Jain, co-founder of ObEN, raised five million dollars for a new project that could allow a person to create a digital avatar of themselves. It’s accomplished by taking a selfie, then providing a voice recording for the program, and your digital copy is born. ObEN hopes to launch its technology by starting with celebrities in order to give fans a chance to connect with their favorite stars. To do so, the company has partnered with SM Entertainment, one of Asia’s largest entertainment companies, with an expected launch as early as this year.

Brand Creates Harry Potter-Themed Sportswear

The Harry Potter series was a global phenomenon that continues inspire everything from spin-offs to gaming apps, and now you can add gym clothes to that list. Whether you’re team Gryffindor or team Slytherin, Australian clothing label BlackMilk now gives fans a chance to wear it loud and proud with a collection of Harry-themed activewear, Team Hogwarts. BlackMilk designed a variety of leggings, tops and bottoms with the colors and symbols of all four houses of Hogwarts represented.

Hotel In Finland Goes Game of Thrones

Winter is coming as Game of Thrones fans will have to wait until next year to watch the much-anticipated series finale. In the meantime, they can experience winter for real at the Lapland Hotels Snow Village, an ice hotel which has a Game of Thrones theme this year. The hotel, located in Kittila, Finland, features snow suites with ice sculptures inspired by the hit show. It took a month to construct with the help of ice sculptors from Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Latvia. Designs include a room with a “Braavosi Hall of Faces” and one with a giant Night King watching over visitors.

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