5 Strategies For Brands Trying To Market To Gen Z Consumers

5 Strategies For Brands Trying To Market To Gen Z Consumers

These key takeaways from our Forecast Z report establish guidelines for brands hoping to connect with Gen Z consumers

  • 10 january 2018

Brands seeking to make an impression on Gen Z consumers need to be willing to adjust and cater to their desires and needs. In our Forecast Z report, we offer far-reaching insights into implementing brand strategies for the incoming generation. Here are five takeaways from the report to help brands begin to market to Gen Z.

Define your brand muse

Gen Z prioritizes purpose and values, but they can also detect insincerity very well. They aren’t going to get behind brands that simply jump on the most recent bandwagon to seem like they care. Brands need to be aware of this and steer clear of looking like opportunists, instead establishing a purpose-driven, permanent set of values and incorporating them into products, services and programming.

Build an open platform

Gen Z is more open than previous generations to the sharing and remixing of ideas. They would rather work together to complete a task at hand than receive all the credit for the work. Brands need to be willing to give up the reins somewhat to Gen Z, by offering themselves as a space for education, curation and collaboration, and letting consumers choose their ways in.

Design with the human in mind

With so many choices available, Gen Z is not willing to settle for any service that isn’t easy and convenient to use. Brands seeking to appeal to Gen Z should make sure that sign-up processes are as simple as possible and that consumer profiles are easily recognized across channels.

Deliver entertaining content with an educational foundation

Gen Z lives in a world where media and educational resources are not separate and, as a result, both ever accessible. This generation expects their entertainment to be educational, and brands can capitalize on this by providing socially-aware content that is still artistic and engaging.

Align your digital and physical communities

As digital natives, Gen Z are able to transition seamlessly between online and offline, effectively merging the two. This is a generation that only knows what it is to be connected and have access to their friends whenever and wherever they are. Brands can enter the space by creating content that moves with their use of mobile and emerging tech, making sure to adjust to how Gen Z is living.

PSFK’s Forecast Z decodes the shifting priorities, values and behaviors of Generation Z. Members can download the report today, or click here to learn more about the benefits of PSFK membership.

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