Adjustable Shoe Can Expand To Fit Growing Children

Adjustable Shoe Can Expand To Fit Growing Children

This shoe was designed for children living in extreme poverty to get many years of wear out of a single pair

Zack Palm
  • 11 january 2018

Children living in extreme poverty have to make anything they have last for as long as it can, and then some. This motivated Kenton Lee, who was living in Nairobi, Kenya at the time, to invent a shoe designed to expand as a child grows.

Lee designed the shoe to expand five times its original size by using adjustable clips attached to the front and the middle, and an adjustable belt on the heel. As the child’s feet grow, they can freely adjust the size to make it a comfortable fit. Lee made the shoe from a compressed rubber, making it a durable product able to withstand harsh day-to-day travels.

Lee’s shoes are distributed to kids in need via his non-profit, The Shoe That Grows. The shoes cost only $15 for a pair.

The Shoe That Grows

+Kenton Lee
+The Shoe That Grows

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