Alexa-Linked AR Glasses Let Wearers Access The Voice Assistant Anywhere

Alexa-Linked AR Glasses Let Wearers Access The Voice Assistant Anywhere

AR sunglasses from Vuzix connect to Alexa and display any information the digital assistant can find

Zack Palm
  • 12 january 2018

AR hardware company Vuzix designed a pair of smart sunglasses that are compatible with Amazon’s Alexa. The Vuzix Blade AR glasses were showcased this week at CES.

A wearer can ask Alexa for information and have it displayed on the glasses using the augmented reality technology. For example, when the wearer asks for Alexa, they will see a green circle on their lens to signify that they have successfully connected. They can then ask the device any questions normally asked of the digital assistant, such as the weather, directions or local traffic updates.

Vuzix plans to release the glasses and developer kit sometime this year for consumers and enterprises for about $1,000.


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