Augmented reality helps dentists plan procedures and lets patients see what their new smiles will look like

Going to the dentist is not always the best, but new AR technology can now help patients have a more satisfying experience. Janus Health AR uses the camera on a tablet to take a picture of a patient's smile before any dental work actually gets done. Using machine learning, the app then compares the patient's mouth to 150 common smiles to see what would fit them best.

In the 3D model of the patient's teeth, sizes, shape and alignment can easily be modified for the best fit. The 3D overlay matches the image of the patient's teeth with the matched common smile to create a natural image. This helps patients see how they will look like after a procedure. Besides making patients feel good about what they're signing up for, the technology helps dentists thoroughly evaluate any procedure and strive for the best results.

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