E-Commerce Platform Only Accepts Cryptocurrency

E-Commerce Platform Only Accepts Cryptocurrency
Financial Services

MegaX believes that digital currencies are the future of online shopping

Leo Lutero
  • 19 january 2018

MegaX Mall, which will feature items from over 10,000 brands, won’t just be adding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment. Instead, it will make digital currencies the only way to buy items from the platform.

The online mall is an offshoot of MegaX, a Singapore-based cryptocurrency startup targeting the millennial crowd. It has its own cryptocurrency, MGX, which is the preferred payment method on the e-commerce site. The store also accepts Bitcoin Cash.

The e-commerce platform is just one of the many plans the startup has to lure in a young audience. Also slated are events where only cryptocurrency will be accepted and a hardware device for merchants that accepts both cryptocurrency and credit cards.


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