Entrepreneur Created His Own Cryptocurrency To Sell His Time

Entrepreneur Created His Own Cryptocurrency To Sell His Time
Financial Services

Tech entrepreneur Evan Prodromou created a digital currency to see if he could turn his time into money

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 2 january 2018

Time is money, as the saying goes, but how much is your time worth? For tech entrepreneur Evan Prodromou, it’s one Evancoin, a cryptocurrency he invented himself in order to charge others for taking up his time. Instead of having to juggle requests for meetings or work lunches, people making a request of Prodromou simply pay him in his own currency.

The cryptocurrency went live in October, and its value will depend on how many people want to pick Prodromou’s brain. “People wanted to know whether it was just a stunt,” he told Wired. “And I’m not above a stunt! But in this case I’m really serious about exploring how cryptocurrency is changing what we can do with money and how we think about it. Money is this sort of consensual hallucination, and I wanted to experiment around that.”


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