Finnish Railways Made A 13-Hour Escape Room Game On One Of Its Trains

Finnish Railways Made A 13-Hour Escape Room Game On One Of Its Trains

The escape room was put on a train where participants had to solve puzzles in a murder mystery during a 13-hour journey

Zack Palm
  • 3 january 2018

Inspired by the movie Murder on the Orient Express, Finnish Railways developed an escape room game with expert designers from InsideOut Escape Games to take place on a moving train as it traveled for 13 hours.

Two full train cars housed the game during the train’s journey from Helsinki to Rovaniemi in Lapland on December 13. Finnish Railways streamed the event as participants navigated the game’s tasks and puzzles to solve a murder mystery in two teams. During this time, audience members watching the event had access to features on the streaming page that allowed them to influence the game as the players went through it.

Finnish Railways

Lead Image: VR – Yhteisellä matkalla via Facebook

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