Free Vending Machines Provide The Homeless With Basic Necessities

Free Vending Machines Provide The Homeless With Basic Necessities

Action Hunger is furnishing public areas with vending machines that supply homeless people with free food, toiletries and other necessities

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 9 january 2018

Winter is the most difficult time of the year for the homeless, many of whom have to rely on an underfunded shelter system. Non-profit Action Hunger is looking to give them another way to get necessities with special free vending machines. Each machine has socks, toiletries and food available to any person who has an access card from a local shelter.

These machines are currently in England and due to arrive soon in cities in the U.S. Though they help fill in the gaps in shelter availability, they are not meant to replace them. “I want our low-cost vending machines to complement other existing services, as I believe continued engagement with local services is key to ending the cycle of homelessness, and linking the use of our cards to continued engagement with these services is a way I believe we can ensure that,” Action Hunger founder Huzaifah Khaled told Fast Company.

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