Hilton Guests Will Soon Be Able To Control Their Stay With A Smartphone

Hilton Guests Will Soon Be Able To Control Their Stay With A Smartphone

Hilton's Connected Rooms will let guests choose TV channels, adjust the lights and control the thermostat, all through a mobile device

Azalea Pena
  • 2 january 2018

Hilton has plans to integrate smart rooms into its hotels on a grand scale. The “Connected Rooms” concept stems from the brand looking to give its guests a consistent and seamless experience around the world.

Hilton introduced its Honors Mobile App in 2014, which lets guests choose their own rooms and even unlock the doors. Now, it’s a whole new ball game. Hilton is letting guests control the room’s thermostat, pick their favorite TV channels and even adjust the room lighting through the app alone. What’s more is that all of the settings are saved on the guest’s account. This way, when the guest checks in to another Hilton hotel, their preferences will automatically be applied when they enter the room.

According to Skift, the first test location will be Memphis, Tennessee followed by Dallas, Texas. By 2018, Hilton plans to roll out the Connected Rooms across the U.S.


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