Inside Magic Leap’s Much-Hyped Mixed Reality Goggles

Inside Magic Leap’s Much-Hyped Mixed Reality Goggles

Magic Leap's new headset promises a mixed reality experience for shopping, gaming, social and more

Jack Byram
  • 3 january 2018

American startup Magic Leap is working on a mixed reality headset that seeks to bring augmented reality to the next level. According to the company’s site, Magic Leap One is “built for creators who want to change how we experience the world.”

The goggle-like headset offers a new set of possibilities for all different kinds of users. Magic Leap One allows spatial browsing and content extraction for mixed reality shopping, giving developers more creative leeway and providing online shoppers with a better overall experience. For gamers, the headset is able to transpose characters from the gaming world right onto the real world. The headset is also equipped for social interactions; friends can use it to digitally connect and communicate with one another. At work, users can open multiple screens and bring particular content with them into another room or leave it.

Magic Leap One creates its visual experience by examining surfaces and objects to understand exactly where the user is physically. This provides the opportunity for spatial computing to more accurately place things in the mixed reality world. Users can also place lightfield objects, which always stay in place; for example, a virtual TV placed on the wall will be in the same place whenever the user returns to that room.

According to Magic Leap, the new headsets will start shipping early this year.

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