Known for its use of innovative performance materials and online-only retail model, Outlier shares insights into paving a path for many direct-to-consumer apparel brands to come

In 2008, Outlier founders Abe Burmeister and Tyler Clemens were looking for a line of clothing that could perform like outdoor apparel and activewear, but stylistically function for the average urban millennial's busy life. Not finding an existing solution on the market, the two teamed up to create a pair of pants made of weather-resistant material. That pant sold out online via word of mouth, support from blogs like Highsnobiety and internet message boards.

Ten years later, the brand continues to be dedicated to innovation in materials and product design, staying connected to its roots in ethical manufacturing and maintaining steady growth of its apparel offering and dedicated audience. To celebrate this major anniversary, Outlier teamed up with new retail real estate concept Wallplay to open a temporary installation in one of its On Canal storefronts, inviting friends and fans of the brand to come and interact in person. The brand remains solely direct to consumer, doing all sales on its official website with no physical store or wholesale partners.

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