Kodak Is Using Blockchain To Spot Unlicensed Images Around The Web

Kodak Is Using Blockchain To Spot Unlicensed Images Around The Web
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Kodak will launch a new platform, KodakOne, designed to protect the image rights of photographers

Zack Palm
  • 12 january 2018

Kodak wants to provide photographers with protection for their image rights with its new blockchain program, KodakOne. Photographers who sign up will have their work safeguarded against unauthorized use by uploading their images to an encrypted digital ledger of ownership. Once in the blockchain, bots scour the internet for the image, distinguishing between properly licensed photos and ones that are used illegally.

Photographers on the platform also have the opportunity to sell their work on there and earn KodakCoin, the company’s new cryptocurrency. Kodak will launch the ICO for KodakCoin on January 31.


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