London Brand Recycled 60,000 Plastic Bottles For Its Store Interior

London Brand Recycled 60,000 Plastic Bottles For Its Store Interior
Design & Architecture

Bottletop's new store in London is being constructed entirely from recycled materials

Zack Palm
  • 10 january 2018

To prove its commitment to zero waste, sustainable luxury brand Bottletop designed its new flagship store in London with an entirely 3D printed interior made from recycled plastic bottles. Bottletop was able to get the job done with the help of architecture firm Krause Architects and Ai Build, using a team of Kuka robots to print out the material.

The entire interior of the store will incorporate recycled materials, including a floor made from recycled rubber tires. The location remains under construction, but customers who visit can have one of the Kuka robots print out personalized bag charms from the recycled bottle material.


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