MINI Is Letting Customers Create Custom 3D Printed Parts For Their Cars

MINI Is Letting Customers Create Custom 3D Printed Parts For Their Cars

A new MINI customization service lets owners design and 3D print their own parts

Cristina DiGiacomo
  • 8 january 2018

MINI Yours Customised is a new service that uses 3D printing to allow people to create and order accessories to modify their own MINI. With an online design tool, customers can select different parts and pieces available for customizing. They can choose parts like side panels, interior trims and door sills and fashion them with colors, finishes and illustrations, and even add their name. The components are easy to install, so owners can do it themselves or ask their dealer. If the car is later being resold, the parts can be removed just as easily and to revert to its original design.

3D printing technology makes MINI‘s manufacturing process easy and efficient, creating a supply chain that is adaptable to their customer’s needs and whims. It also ensures that customer’s specifications are followed precisely, reducing the amount of human error.

More and more brands are turning to product customization to engage their customers and inspire loyalty—everywhere from sneakers to cars and tech accessories.

MINI Yours Customised

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