Sneakers For Seniors Can Call For Help In An Emergency

Sneakers For Seniors Can Call For Help In An Emergency
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These smart shoes were designed to reach out to emergency services if they detect that the wearer has fallen

Zack Palm
  • 15 january 2018

For seniors or people with medical issues, falling down can do a significant amount of damage and getting up can be a challenge. French wearable tech company E-vone designed a smart shoe engineered to send a notification to emergency services if it detects abnormal movements by the wearer.

When something unusual happens, the shoes draw from a recommended list of contacts set up by the wearer and sends out notifications of the event. The sneakers vibrate to confirm that the notification was successfully sent. E-vone created models in three different categories: a sneaker made for seniors to wear daily, a pair of work shoes and hiking boots for anyone heading outdoors for an extended period of time.

E-vone presented the shoes at CES 2018 but has not yet announced a price or release date for the product.


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