Tesla’s New NYC Showroom Displays The Energy Ambitions Of The Brand

Tesla’s New NYC Showroom Displays The Energy Ambitions Of The Brand

Tesla is opening a new showroom in NYC's Chelsea, which will display its cars alongside solar panels and giant batteries

Ivanha Paz
  • 10 january 2018

From Tesla Motors to simply Tesla, the shift is larger than just a name change. The electric car company owned by Elon Musk has been quietly expanding the nature of its business to include a variety of energy products in addition to its vehicles. The move is followed by a new and larger showroom in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood, in which the company will display cars along with solar panels and batteries. Other showrooms around the world will also be adding these new products.

Tesla has not only invested in energy products, but also spent time and effort creating appealing designs for them. Traditional solar panels pale in comparison to Tesla’s sophisticated solar-tiled roof— although at a very expensive $21.85 per square foot, so does the price.

Tesla is betting on grabbing customers’ attention with its electric cars, then having the chance to educate them on the advantages of investing in a solar-powered home as well. The hook is that it saves money in the long run; however, it remains to be seen whether these two segments of similar but different markets can actually be combined for the company to succeed in its new endeavor. Electric cars are one thing, but will the same Tesla fans be interested in spending hundreds of thousands on solar energy?


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