Virtual Souvenirs Let Tourists Interact With AR Artifacts

Virtual Souvenirs Let Tourists Interact With AR Artifacts

Nexto is a new AR app created to gamify the concept of going on a tour and teach visitors about historic places

Zack Palm
  • 5 january 2018

Travelers wanting a new way to learn about the places they visit can download the AR app Nexto, a digital tour guide designed to gamify sightseeing.

When a user opens Nexto, the app lists various locations for them to visit while on a trip. At each of the places, the user can learn about the history of the location through augmented reality images and quizzes. As users gain points from correctly answering the quiz questions and visiting more locations, they start to unlock virtual souvenirs to take with them wherever they go. The app functions on both iOS and Android devices.

The developers behind Nexto encourage users to send them recommendations for places to make new tours about.


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