Website Scrolls For 9 Miles To Illustrate Daily Journey Of Students In Sierra Leone

Website Scrolls For 9 Miles To Illustrate Daily Journey Of Students In Sierra Leone

The site, made to illustrate the plight of school children who must walk nine miles to get to the closest school, takes five hours to scroll through

Anna Johansson
  • 3 january 2018

Imagine walking for nine miles to and from school in unforgiving weather, dodging dangers along the way. Unfortunately, this is the reality for many children in Sierra Leone, where rural areas are lacking schools and transportation, and kids who want an education have to walk almost 100 miles per week just to get to class.

Non-profit organization Shine on Sierra Leone is dedicated to raising awareness and money to both build new schools and provide transportation for those without it. With agency David&Goliath, they launched an interactive website to illustrate the daily plight of school kids in Sierra Leone walking to and from school called 9 Mile Scroll.

The website takes visitors on a virtual trip of what most of the kids walk through every day to reach a school. It takes as long as it takes a child to walk nine miles—about five hours—to complete the scroll.

“The inspiration behind the ‘9 Mile Scroll’ came from the children whose stories we heard while researching this project,” agency creative director Greg Buri told Adweek. “When we found out that they walk up to nine miles to school one way, daily, the fact just stuck with us. Then we asked ourselves, when was the last time we walked nine miles for anything? And how could we contextualize the distance so others can relate to the extreme lengths these kids go for an education?”

The walk begins when it’s still dark out and already 83 degrees Fahrenheit. Mile 2 shows the added challenge of steering clear of some of the world’s most venomous snakes (cobras, vipers and adders) that live in Sierra Leone. You’ll also encounter dangers like malaria-carrying mosquitoes, monsoons and human traffickers along the grueling path. At any point during the virtual journey, visitors can stop and donate money to Shine on Sierra Leone, which will be used to build schools closer to underserved communities and pursue better transportation for kids who still live far away.

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