Absolut’s Transparency Campaign Features Real Employees Nude

Absolut’s Transparency Campaign Features Real Employees Nude

Absolut's new ad campaign, "The vodka with nothing to hide," features 28 of their employees completely naked

Ivanha Paz
  • 9 february 2018

Swedish vodka brand Absolut recently released a campaign called “The vodka with nothing to hide” that features 28 of its employees completely naked, emphasizing the brand’s transparency through every step of its production. Absolut will also be opening up its distillery to the public later this year.

“Take a look at a bottle of Absolut. Our conscious is clean like the spirit. And our company as transparent as the bottle. The secret behind creating a better Vodka is that we don’t have any. Because we are the vodka with nothing to hide,” reads the campaign website.

The company wanted to get their message accross in a way that reflected their good-humored personality. “We wanted to celebrate that openness, in a way that felt true to their Swedish identity… And being the good-humored Swedish souls that they are, they jumped at the chance to bare all to the world,” creative director Anthony Austin told The Drinks Business.



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