AI Can Automatically Appraise Real Estate Listings

AI Can Automatically Appraise Real Estate Listings

Barcelona-based company is using artificial intelligence to facilitate renting or buying a new home by making images searchable

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 9 february 2018

Searching for the perfect living space requires a ton of digging and in-person visits, checking out all the amenities to make sure it meets your standards. Barcelona-based startup is hoping to make that process just a little bit easier by using artificial intelligence to identify, categorize and pull photos of properties with features that users are looking for.

This image-recognition technology is part of the broader AI umbrella of computer vision, in which the software learns to recognize and differentiate specific objects, features and settings in pictures to to classify them for users.’s model could help real estate agents attract more customers and help fill spaces faster than ever by presenting potential buyers and renters with listings featuring only the features they desire.

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