Alexa’s Celebrity Voices Extend Beyond Amazon’s Popular Super Bowl Ad

Alexa’s Celebrity Voices Extend Beyond Amazon’s Popular Super Bowl Ad

Building off the success of the retailer's star-studded Super Bowl commercial, a new Alexa skill brings chef Gordon Ramsay into your kitchen

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 9 february 2018

One of this year’s best Super Bowl advertisements was Amazon’s comedic Alexa spot, which featured various celebrities filling in for the AI assistant when it temporarily lost its voice. To capitalize on the video’s popularity, audio company Ground Control brought on Gordon Ramsay, one of the ad’s stars, to record phrases for a new Alexa skill.

In the original ad, Ramsay chastises a 32-year-old for needing to look up a grilled cheese recipe. The Gordon Ramsay skill allows Alexa users to ask the chef’s opinion on a meal they have made; in response, his voice will disparage your culinary efforts with one of his characteristically cutting insults. For those wondering if the Ramsay’s signature expletive-riddled vocabulary will be out in full force, curse words will be bleeped out to keep things family-friendly.

Gordon Ramsay Alexa Skill

Lead Image: Amazon via YouTube

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