Buzzfeed Is Selling Glad Products Through Its Recipe Videos

Buzzfeed Is Selling Glad Products Through Its Recipe Videos

The sponsored content on Tasty makes it easy for viewers to buy the product with a simple tap

Ivanha Paz
  • 16 february 2018

A champion of sponsored content, Buzzfeed’s food vertical Tasty partnered with Glad to make shoppable videos of Glad products—specifically the Press’n Seal.

Glad Press’n Seal began its starring role in two recipe videos released on February 1 in the Tasty app: a honey-sriracha roasted chicken and breakfast chicken hash recipe. If users like what they see, they can easily click on the product in the video and be taken to where they can make their purchase.

Tying e-commerce directly to content marketing is one of the best ways to streamline sales, and if anyone can lead the way, it’s Buzzfeed.


Lead Image: Tasty via Facebook

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