Digital Music Player For Kids Keeps Them Off Screens

Digital Music Player For Kids Keeps Them Off Screens

A Belgium-based startup has developed a screen-free player for digital music designed with kids in mind

Ivanha Paz
  • 5 february 2018

MuuseLabs, a tech startup in Belgium, has developed a Near Field Communication (NFC) gadget for kids to access their favorite tunes, without having to spend any time with a screen.

“I got the idea for the Jooki when I had to take my phone out for the fifth time to play the same song over again for my 3-year-old daughter. At home all our music is digital and our kids lost the ability to independently explore music and stories,” the company’s CEO Theo Marescaux writes on the website. “When I was their age just I could just put a CD or cassette on. That freedom and charm of physical interaction with media has largely disappeared.”

With a few figurines on top of the Jooki that serve as menu of sorts, children can choose specific playlists (assigned to each figure). The playlists are managed and controlled by their parents through a smartphone or tablet, but the little ones don’t have to worry about that part. The Jooki can connect to Wi-Fi and play web radio as well as playlists from streaming devices. While offline it can play the songs saved on its internal storage.



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