Electric Vehicle Recharging Station Doubles As A Relaxation Forest

Electric Vehicle Recharging Station Doubles As A Relaxation Forest

COBE architects offer EV owners a nature-focused environment to unwind in as they wait for their vehicles to recharge

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 5 february 2018

Recharging an electric car currently takes more time than refilling the tank of a traditional gasoline vehicle. As batteries, charging infrastructure and electricity storage continue to develop to more efficient levels, that time difference will become decrease. Still, there’s an immediate need for solving the problem of what people are supposed to do while they wait for their car’s battery to charge up. Copenhagen-based architecture firm COBE has designed a recharging station in the form of a mini park.

COBE’s goal for the design of the charging station was to give drivers and passengers a meaningful place to take a break. The design of the structure is inspired by trees, and solar panels are fitted to sections of the canopy to supply electricity to the chargers.

The design is made up of a single ‘tree’ module that can be repeated to form a larger forest canopy. The mix of open and covered roof sections allow for natural light to enter and real trees to grow through, as well as providing some places for shade and rain protection.

Plans are already underway to construct eight of these charging stations in Denmark and an additional 40 across Sweden and Norway.


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