Food Container Trackers Will Let You Know When Food Is About To Expire

Food Container Trackers Will Let You Know When Food Is About To Expire
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To help Americans waste less food, the trackers connect to a mobile app that reminds people to use perishables before they go bad

Ivanha Paz
  • 6 february 2018

A Chicago startup called Ovie Smarterware is on a mission to help Americans throw away less food. They have designed smart trackers that notify users when the food in their fridge is about to go bad—which means it’s time to eat it. The trackers can be placed on top of food or attached to other Ovie products like containers or bands.

The product is still in early stages, with plans to launch a Kickstarter soon. In the meantime everyone interested can sign up for the wait list to be the first to know. The trackers will be connected to the Ovie smartphone app, which not only allows users to check the status of their food from anywhere, but also search recipes based on what they have and quickly locate items in a cluttered fridge with a visual signal.

Ovie Smarterware wants to improve household habits and make Americans more conscious about the amount of food that goes to waste.

Ovie Smarterware

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