Hasbro’s AR Helmet Lets Players Become Iron Man

Hasbro’s AR Helmet Lets Players Become Iron Man

Hasbro's latest AR toy turns players into Iron Man, blasting targets with their hands in their own backyards

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 20 february 2018

Toy and game company Hasbro is using augmented reality in its new Iron Man Helmet to bridge the gap between kids playing with physical toys and using their parent’s smartphone.  The helmet game has a slot that allows a player to slip the phone in and activate the special app. The shooting game itself involves players putting their hands up with the special gauntlet attached to fire a blast at enemies. The gauntlet comes with a marking that allow the app to keep track of the player’s hand as it movies and to store power-ups.

The game ties into the upcoming film, Avengers: Infinity War, with the alien Thanos as the main enemy. Since the Iron Man Helmet is an AR game, players can still see their environment around them, so parents don’t have to worry about kids tripping over things. The game will not utilize in-app purchases but instead will use Infinity Stones that can be bought in-store. The main set, including helmet, gauntlet and one Infinity Stone, will retail for $50 when released.


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