Lyft Offers Non-Emergency Rides For Patients In Need

Lyft Offers Non-Emergency Rides For Patients In Need

The ridesharing service is starting a six-month trial with Hitch Health to identify patients in need of transportation help and offer them rides

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 22 february 2018

For some, just getting to a doctor’s appointment is a battle in the fight to stay healthy—one that costs time and money. Ridesharing service Lyft, however, is looking to ease this burden by helping those who sorely need a ride to the doctor’s office or hospital for non-emergency appointments.

Working in partnership with Hitch Health, the six-month trial is using Hitch Health’s technology to identify patients who are low-income, uninsured and vulnerable, the kind of patients who can’t drive, use public transportation or have a friend take them. The potential riders don’t even need a smartphone, since Hitch Health will send them a text message offering the ride.

LyftHitch Health

Lead image: Lyft, Tero Vesalainen via Shutterstock


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