The New York Times Uses AR To Visualize Olympic Action

The New York Times Uses AR To Visualize Olympic Action

This new feature takes Olympics coverage to another level

Jiwon Kim
  • 9 february 2018

The New York Times understands that the future of journalism includes exploring the use of different mediums. One of these mediums is augmented reality. In preparation for the Winter Olympics, The New York Times just released one of its first mobile augmented reality experiences. Through this medium, users can see a visualization of four Olympic athletes, focusing on specific details about these four talented people.

Users with iOS (Android coming soon) are able to see an Olympic athletes suspended in different movements, as if they were right there. On the phone, the athletes appear as 3D models: figure skater Nathan Chen, speedster J.R. Celski, ice hockey goalie Alex Rigbsy, and snowboarder Anna Gasser. By moving around the phone, different text shows up explaining the athlete’s moves as well as other interesting facts and details.

The New York Times explains, “The camera can become a window into a world enhanced with digital information — adding a piece of sculpture to your bedroom or a car to your driveway. Neither actually there, but appearing to be and believably so. This is fundamentally what connects augmented reality and journalism.”

Enhancing visuals and providing relevant, interesting content makes this a journalistic experience like no other. This type of detailed journalism is perfect for exploring the intricacies of any sport.

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