Nike’s Members-Only App Now Gives People More Mindful Workouts

Nike’s Members-Only App Now Gives People More Mindful Workouts
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Nike partnered with a popular meditation app to help club members optimize athletic performance with audio-guided runs

Catherine Ollinger
  • 22 february 2018

NikePlus members can now crush two wellness goals at once through the brand’s collaboration with Headspace, a mindfulness and meditation app supplying guided workouts for the Nike+ Training Club app. Dubbed the Mindful Miles Audio Guided Run, the program is founded on the tenet that we achieve our best when our bodies and minds are working in tandem.

Featuring the head of Nike Running as well as Olympian Colleen Quigley, these audio-guided runs offer mini meditations for workouts as well as tips and tricks for optimal athletic performance from the pros, aiming to help runners strengthen motivation, release negative thoughts and even recover more efficiently.

Headspace, known for its short guided meditations that encourage a daily practice of mindfulness and relaxation, maintains that running involves the mind just as much as the body and that people will perform their best when they can relax and focus, remaining present throughout the workout.


Lead Image: Young woman running via Shutterstock


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