Patreon Creators Can Now Show Snapchat-Like Stories To Paying Members Only

Patreon Creators Can Now Show Snapchat-Like Stories To Paying Members Only
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Patreon Lens allows creators to post footage exclusively for paid members, which disappears after 24 hours

Ivanha Paz
  • 8 february 2018

Patreon, a membership platform that allows creators (musicians, podcast hosts, etc.) to run a business based on monthly subscriptions from their viewers, has come up with a Snapchat-like feature to incentivize fans to pay the fee. Patreon Lens, which launched on February 7, lets creators post exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and pictures, which disappear in 24 hours and can only be accessed by paid members.

The trick is to hook your potential paid fans by luring them in with some public format of the content. Patreon Lens lets creators choose a few public pictures or videos and then lock the real good stuff for paid access. As Tech Crunch notes, there will probably be a bit of a learning curve as creators determine what content to make exclusive and what to release to the public. However, it definitely opens up possibilities for new strategies for artists to strengthen communication with audiences, retain subscriptions and profit from their work.

Another interesting aspect is that, as with Snapchat, the content is only temporary, so creators have a little more freedom when it comes to posting. They can reveal unfinished work or show fans a glimpse of their process—and it will be gone in 24 hours, unlike Facebook, Instagram or even Patreon itself, where the pressure to post a perfect product is much higher. It also makes authentic communication easier, since they can do it right on the Patreon app without having to go through the work of creating a video and uploading to another platform.


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