Petrics CEO Ed Hall discusses how wellness and fitness tracking trends among humans are influencing products and services for pets

As millennials substitute the love of children with the attention of a dog and cat, a whole range of products and services have arisen to satisfy these ‘pet parents.' PSFK founder and editor-in-chief Piers Fawkes recently ran a podcast that looks at the sector. As part of the episode, he spoke to Ed Hall of Petrics to understand how wellness and customization trends were driving this sector.

Piers: Can you help me understand the key trends in the pet sector?

Ed: The common trend is customization. That's what we're seeing a lot of at Petrics. You're seeing it with the custom meal plans where people are doing the ‘Blue Apron' approach for pet food. You're seeing it with custom wellness plans through things like Banfield Insurance and different pet insurance companies. You're also seeing a lot more specialty diets that are being produced—breed-specific diets by the big manufacturers, like Royal Canin.

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