Zia Daniell Wigder of Shoptalk spotlights retail innovations from Europe and Asia that U.S. retailers should study

As we seek new innovations to deploy in retail, sometimes we spend too much time looking at what other U.S. companies are trying to roll out. Because of market size, geographic constraints and even language barriers, unique retail ideas develop in European and Asian markets first.

In the latest PSFK podcast, founder and editor-in-chief Piers Fawkes talks to experts about the importance of looking beyond borders. This article is an extract of the conversation with Zia Daniell Wigder of Shoptalk. Shoptalk is arguably the most important retail conference on the planet, where thousands or retailers and their partners will meet to share stories and ideas. The organizers of this spring's event in Las Vegas are making a special effort to inspire the attendees by putting a spotlight on international retail.

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