Social Ranking Platform Provides Insight On Viral Posts

Social Ranking Platform Provides Insight On Viral Posts

SocialRank for Content looks at individual tweets and who interacted with them, going deeper than previous measures of engagement

Ivanha Paz
  • 9 february 2018

SocialRank, a social media analytics tool, has released a new product that helps marketers understand what makes a tweet go viral—so they can take note and copy it. SocialRank for Content goes deeper than their previous measures, analyzing things like engagement, reach and quality of followers. This new product, which is also available for Instagram, looks at individual Instagram posts and tweets while scraping data regarding who interacted with the content and when.

The idea is that once you know who looked at your post and when, you’ll be able to work backwards from its spread, pinpointing the biggest accounts that engaged with it. “The number one question this new product will answer is “why did this tweet go viral?” With SocialRank for Content on Twitter you will be able to see the biggest accounts that replied or retweeted a tweet,” said Alexander Taub, co-founder of SocialRank in a blog post.

SocialRank for Content’s free demo version is available now.


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