This Kit Can Help A Novice Make The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

This Kit Can Help A Novice Make The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Dripkit is designed to help coffee lovers make a perfect pour-over wherever they are

Jennifer Passas
  • 13 february 2018

Making coffee has been elevated to an art form and a new startup hopes to bring it into your home. Dripkit sells disposable filters containing freshly ground coffee in a paper frame that you place over your mug. To make your cup of joe, all you need to do is pour hot water into the specially designed filter three times.


Founders Ilana Kruger and Kara Cohen came up with Dripkit because they were tired of not being able to have a good cup of coffee while traveling for business. They wanted to find a solution that would attract both coffee aficionados too busy to make coffee and people who wanted to make good coffee but weren’t necessarily interested in perfecting the bean, grind filter and water ratio.

To create Dripkit, Kruger and Cohen went through 500 prototypes before finding the final tent-inspired design. The duo worked with design studio Prime, which has designed a number of products for other direct-to-consumer retail brands like Harry’s Razor and toothbrush startup Goby.

So how does it all work? The Dripkit filter has microholes so that the water doesn’t pour the coffee imbedded in the paper too quickly, ensuring there is an even flow for any cup size. Additionally, the cardboard tent design is able to fold flat, sealing the coffee inside and resulting in a fresh-tasting cup every time. Armed with a head of coffee who previously worked at San Francisco’s Sightglass and Ritual as well as nationwide chain Intelligentsia, the company is confident that even the biggest coffee buff in your life wouldn’t be able to create a cup that measures up to Dripkit standard.

Operating with a subscription model, customers can purchase 10 Dripkit boxes for $25 on the company’s website. The biggest hurdle that Dripkit faces is convincing people to drop their already established coffee ritual. The price is competitive at around $2.50 per cup, and for those who want a great cup of coffee, especially while traveling, Dripkit could be the solution.


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