Portable Personal Investment Assistant Helps Millennials Save Wisely

Portable Personal Investment Assistant Helps Millennials Save Wisely
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Stash wants to help students and young professionals start investing with as little as $5

Andrew Conrad
  • 21 february 2018

For cash-strapped millennials who know they should be saving but can’t see how they can attain future goals such as owning a home, Stash is designed to help. Cautious investors can start with just $5 (with fractional shares) and manage their money simply using the mobile app.

Stash lets new investors pick from themed ETFs (exchange-traded funds) with clever names. For example, the Clean & Green ETF includes companies that produce renewable energy, while American Innovators includes U.S. based tech innovators like Apple, Google, and Facebook. Users can browse the entire list, along with their advisors and risk level.

The app is free, but there’s a $1 monthly charge after the first month, or 0.25% of the account balance per year once a user hits $5,000.

Embracing a “learn as you go” approach, Stash is aimed at college students and young professionals, rather than experienced investors. The Stash website also includes an extensive learning resource library of regularly updated content.


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