Subscription Service Wants New Yorkers To Ditch Plastic Bottles

Subscription Service Wants New Yorkers To Ditch Plastic Bottles

Reefill lets residents subscribe to Bluetooth-enabled fountains around the city, but some New Yorkers wonder whether tap water really needs a tech upgrade

Catherine Ollinger
  • 16 february 2018

Ever found yourself dehydrated on the go but not willing to forfeit precious dollars, or the environmental cost, for bottled water? Reefill‘s app is trying to solve your problem and curb plastic bottle waste. Either for free (tap water) or for $1.99 per month (chilled and filtered water), subscribers will have access to Bluetooth-enabled water dispensers at various locations around New York City (currently in Manhattan and Brooklyn only), like coffee shops, bakeries and co-ops.

The app has received backlash from New Yorkers who would prefer to have more app-free water fountains dispensing the city’s great tap water, Reefill maintains that its service worth it for its humanitarian effort: for each day that a member uses its app, the startup will provide one day of free, sanitary water in a developing country.

Lead Image: Reefill via Facebook

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