Travel Resource Visualizes How LGBTQ-Friendly A Destination Is

Travel Resource Visualizes How LGBTQ-Friendly A Destination Is

A new online search tool allows travelers to plan a trip according to how a country approaches LGBTQ issues

Mario Valdivieso
  • 5 february 2018

When planning a trip, most travelers are looking to pick a place where they will be safe, feel relaxed and, most of all, have a good time. This isn’t always the easiest task for families and individuals in the LGBTQ community. To aid LGBTQ travelers, the non-profit organization PFLAG Canada teamed up with Canadian ad agency FCB/SIX to develop a new resource called Destination Pride.

Destination Pride is a data visualization tool that allows users to search countries all over the world to find out how they approach issues such as anti-discrimination laws, gender identity protections, sexual activity laws and same-sex marriage. This information is conveyed to the user with a bar chart in the form of the pride flag, with a calculated score on how the country ranks in promoting equality. The program gathers its information from a database called Equaldex and Wikipedia. It is also interactive, allowing a user to click on any of the bars to learn the reasons why the country has a particular score.

Ian Mackenzie, executive creative director of FCB/SIX, hopes this will provide a safer way to plan trips for this community. “We don’t want to discourage LGBTQ progress, but we do think by having a quick snapshot of the pride visualization and the score you can make a more informed decision,” he told Co.Design.

Destination Pride

Lead Image: Max Templeton | Unsplash

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