Uber Wants To Help Commuters Get To Work With Express Pooling

Uber Wants To Help Commuters Get To Work With Express Pooling

Uber Express Pool asks users to walk to the nearest convenient pick-up location to save time and money on daily commutes

Ivanha Paz
  • 26 february 2018

How many times have you been stuck in an Uber Pool while the driver loops around and around trying to find the next rider? (Which, by the way, could very well be across the street). Uber is finally fixing this glitchy GPS consequence with Uber Express Pool. After a three-month pilot in Boston and San Francisco, the ridesharing app rolled out its new product in six more cities: Los Angeles, Washington D.C, Denver, Miami, Philadelphia and San Diego.

The new service asks riders to walk a few blocks to a designated meeting spot, rather than having the driver travel to where the user is standing. Cars are hailed by area, and the option is 50% cheaper than its cousin Uber Pool.

This move is inserting Uber into the daily lives of commuters who might already use it for a night out, but get to work on public transportation. By reducing fares and setting up efficient pick-up points, much like bus stops, Uber is tapping into a new and more consistent market. Although, as Wired points out, there’s a potential downside: environmentally-friendly public transit in big cities could be negatively impacted, as well as traffic patterns with more cars on the road.



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