Fuel Delivery Service Brings Gasoline Straight To Your Car

Fuel Delivery Service Brings Gasoline Straight To Your Car

In London, Zebra Fuel refills tanks for urban drivers who want to avoid crowded gas stations

Catherine Ollinger
  • 15 february 2018

With Zebra Fuel, a London-based startup, customers will never have to wait in line to refuel. Instead, they can simply download the app, select a time to fill up, enter their vehicle’s location, and Zebra Fuel will deliver quality gasoline to their car. If a customer can’t be present for the filling, all they have to do is lock the car and leave the fuel cap uncovered.

Though the service is currently limited to locations within London’s city limits and provides only 5% biodiesel, the company says its prices are competitive—sometimes even lower than those of a regular gas station.

Zebra Fuel

Lead Image: Zebra Fuel via Twitter

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