AI Tracks The Emotional State Of Passengers In Autonomous Cars

AI Tracks The Emotional State Of Passengers In Autonomous Cars

Affectiva projects that emotion-tracking AI could improve the passenger experience as well as safety

Ivanha Paz
  • 28 march 2018

Affectiva, a company specializing in developing emotion-tracking tools, announced its Automative AI service, which allows semi-autonomous and autonomous cars to monitor the emotional responses of drivers and, eventually, passengers. The company projects this technology could be used for instances in which drivers are distressed or under the influence; the vehicle would detect it and switch to autonomous mode to prevent any accidents.

But safety isn’t the only factor Affectiva is targeting. By measuring occupants’ moods and reactions, the software can be used to enhance the overall riding experience, whether it be for entertainment, relaxation or even productivity. To measure emotions such as fear, anger, surprise and joy, Affectiva uses a series of traditional and infrared cameras, as well as AI models.

As autonomous vehicles become more common on roads, tools like Affectiva’s emotional tracking will be necessary to assess the experience of those inside the car in real time and respond accordingly.


Lead Image: Affectiva

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